Decorative ceramic tile mural of fruit in a basket with cheese and Chianti wine

#300 - Chianti and Fruit Mural

"Chianti and Fruit" is a beautiful decorative ceramic tile mural of a basket of fruit as the main subject. It is arranged on a board with a wedge of cheese and a Chianti wine bottle. Complementing the mural is a set of decorative fruit accent tiles showing grapes, lemons, pears, peaches, apples, grape leaves and more.

This medium sized mural is well suited for installation as a backsplash behind the stove or elsewhere in the kitchen, on a patio wall or behind the barbecue. The artwork is a limited reproduction of an original painted by tile artist, Julie Hatch, in her Southern California Studio. Julie has been hand-painting ceramic tile for her clients since 1984.

The mural is permanent, will not scratch or fade in ultra violet light and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

If you are unsure of the suitability of your chosen tile or how its background color will appear in the mural, or if you just wish to verify the quality of Bloomingtiles® murals before placing an order, Bloomingtiles® will process a single tile as a proof and ship it to you for approval. Just mail one of your chosen tiles with $10.00 S. & H. or specify one from Bloomingtiles® stock in the drop down menu and charge the $10.00 to your credit card. This charge will be subtracted from any future order.





Shown on 6.5"x 6.5" Custom Tile
Available on white glossy, white matte or simulated travertine.
Size of Artwork: 29"x 19"
On 6"x 6" tile: 30"x 24"
Accents available on 6"x 6"
If diagonal grout line orientation is required, please specify in "Contact us".

6 x 6" Accent Tiles: (click tile to view details and order)

#215 - Leaf Accent #1#216 - Leaf Accent #2#222 - Leaf Accent #3#219 - Monarch Butterfly Accent Tile#220 - Swallowtail Butterfly Accent Tile#221 - Blue Butterfly Accent Tile#223 - Pear Accent Tile#224 - Purple Grapes Accent Tile#225 - Lemon Accent Tile#226 - Green Grapes Accent Tile#227 - Peach Accent Tile#228 - Apple and Strawberries Accent Tile#229 - Apple and Grapes Accent Tile#230 - Pear and Grapes Accent Tile#399 - Proof Accent Tile