About Us

The Artist

Julie Hatch, the owner and artist of Bloomingtiles® has been hand-painting tile for her clients since 1984. For many years Julie has searched for a way to reproduce her artwork in limited editions while maintaining the appearance, durability and rich color of hand-painted tile. Bloomingtiles® is the result of this effort. It allows her to dedicate several weeks to complete one painting and then offer a reproduction of it at a fraction of the cost of her hand-painted work.

The Process

Each Bloomingtiles® mural and accent tile art is carefully reproduced using a special technique and ceramic tile pigments similar to those used by Julie in her hand-painted tile work. The tiles are then kiln-fired using white matte, glossy or simulated travertine tile which are kept in stock. Kiln-firing bonds the pigment permanently to the tile glaze so it becomes an integral part of it. If preferred, murals and accents may be applied by the same process to light-colored tile of the client's choice. Stocked tile has been tested by Bloomingtiles® and demonstrated to fire well and render color faithfully. Different sizes of tile may be used and the grout line position and orientation are chosen by the client during the ordering process. The art is permanent, will not scratch or fade, is safe in sunlight and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The originals are painted by Julie in the Bloomingtiles® studio in Southern California. All stages of production take place under her direct supervision.